Independent research and development of non-magnetic probe, non-stick tin probe has been successfully used in aviation, military, medical and other industries, has become the core components of modern high-tech electronic products. The products are mainly used in the testing of various electronic and peripheral products, such as semiconductor components, CPU chips, PCB circuit boards, LCD screens, Camera cameras, IOT. Online testing of Internet of Things cars and other peripheral electronic products.

BGA Test Seat: What is the future of the test seat testing industry?



Technical jobs on the Internet are generally divided into R ampd, testing, and operations, although there are no testing jobs like R ampd in previous years. But now with the domestic attention to software testing, the future domestic Internet companies to software testing demand will continue to increase. Sounds like the job market for software testing is good, so BGA Test Seat: What is the future of the test seat testing industry? BGA Test Seat: What is the future of the test seat testing industry?


1. BGA test seat software test Employment situation: large talent gap. Today, the software products of almost every medium to large IT enterprise require a lot of quality control, testing, and documentation before they are released, which needs to be done by skilled software professionals. Software engineers play a very important role in an enterprise. According to industry insiders, demand for such jobs is mainly concentrated in developed coastal cities, with Beijing and Shanghai accounting for 33 percent and 29 percent, respectively. Private companies demand more, accounting for 19 percent of total demand, followed by foreign-owned European and American companies, accounting for 15 percent.


2. But the current situation is: on the one hand, the demand for high-quality test engineers is increasing; On the other hand, there is not enough attention paid to the profession of test engineer in China, so many people don't know what test engineer really does. Due to the late understanding of software testing technology in Chinese enterprises, there is a lack of professional and technical talents in this field. According to a survey, at present, the gap of software testing talents in our country has reached 300,000 people, and our software industry creates about 200,000 testing positions every year. Yet companies and schools are producing less than one-tenth of the software testing talent they need. The gap is widening.


3. Career planning of software testing: Diversified development direction, software testing is not what outsiders think. The water is deep and the technique is strong. Even if you've finished 2-3 months of classes, you've only mastered at least half of them. You need to go back to learning. MySQL, linux, application of various tools, learn 1-2 programming languages, etc


4. In addition to mastering the basic knowledge and skills of software testing, you should also stand in the user's perspective. If there is an opportunity, I can learn how to communicate with customers and understand their needs from the product manager or business manager of the company. It's great to have the opportunity to meet customers face to face in person. You can learn how users feel about your software face to face, learn about your competitors in the industry, and improve your software.


5. The person who can test the manager is usually the most skilled person in the company. They should not only have extraordinary technical ability, but also learn more complete leadership skills such as managing a team and the whole process of assigning projects. Being a manager usually takes at least 5-6 years. Now employees choose the company. Besides the salary, it's more about how much I can learn from the job. The work itself makes you work. What you learn is that you need a good boss to organize your work and guide your studies. If the leaders themselves are limited, people's sense of identity with the company as a whole is diminished. Due to the particularity of the work, testers should not only test the quality of software, but also involve software project establishment, management, pre-sales and after-sales and other fields.


6. In this process, testers not only improve their professional software testing skills, but also get in touch with all walks of life, so that they have a good exercise in project management, communication and coordination, market demand analysis and other abilities, and further lay the foundation for their diversified development.


7. Software testing career growth: The more experienced you are, the more desirable you are. The more experienced software engineers are, the more sought-after they are, because the longer they work, the more project experience they have, and the more sensitive they are to bugs found during testing. Therefore, the salary of software test engineers will increase with the years of service.


8. Software testing salary: High salary, high promotion opportunities, from requirements analysis to product development to product maintenance, software testing is essential. However, the importance of software testing was not fully recognized until two years ago. The education of universities and training of enterprises failed to keep up with it, resulting in a serious shortage of software testing talents. There was a state of job competition and rapid promotion, and the salary of excellent software testing talents was gradually rising. Excellent software testing talent can make a salary of 100,000, even 200,000, 300,000 or more. As long as you can now, you will not be buried. To learn software testing well, the career development prospect is certainly not bad, and the future prospect is certainly unlimited. So we don't need to worry about the future of software testing.