About Lanyi

Customer First, Quality First, Unity And Cooperation, Mutual Benefit And Win-win

Dongguan Lanyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company dominated by Korean technology. The company has a probe division (a Sino-Korea joint venture), a fixture division, and an automation division. A leading technology company, the company has a probe division (a Sino-Korean joint venture), a fixture division, and an automation division. It is an enterprise with independent research and development, production and manufacturing.

At present, the company mainly produces: test probes, precision test fixtures (products include: semiconductor test probes, camera module test fixtures, fingerprint module test fixtures, BGA test fixtures, LCD module test fixtures, etc.) and Various types of testing equipment for various types of consumer electronic products.

10 Year +

Working Experience

100 Desk+

Production Equipment

200 Million+

Probe Capacity

150 People+



Established: The technology began in 1992, and Lanyi Electronics was established on April 20, 2016



Team Introduction

Lanyi has a team with rich experience in the design and production of probes and fixtures, and the core members of the core design and processing have more than 10 years of experience

Company Advantage

Adhering to the quality policy of "establishing a business with precision and winning with quality"


Probe / Fixture / Automation

The company's probe/jig/automation business units complement each other, providing a full range of services and minimizing customer costs



Probe as the core product of detection

Our company has leading ultra-low impedance probes, and can customize a variety of high-standard probes such as non-magnetic / anti-tin / high frequency and high current.



High precision

China Dongguan factory processing equipment accuracy ± 0.01mm

The accuracy of the processing equipment in the Korean factory is ±0.001mm



High productivity

2 million test probes

Test probe fixture 6000 sets

20 non-standard customized equipment



High quality

Long service life of the probe, 400,000-500,000 times

The stability of the test probe fixture is more than 99%

The automation equipment department can provide customers with customized improvement solutions



Fast delivery

Test probe new product customization time is 7-14 days, standard products are available from stock

Test fixture delivery time is 5-10 days

30-60 days for non-standard equipment