The company has an automated production platform, through the construction of high standard dust-free workshop, precision automatic production line, the establishment of intelligent production system, and the application of strict product quality management system, to protect the production and quality. In terms of turning, cleaning, heat treatment, electroplating and assembly, more than 98% of the quality products have been achieved. The current annual production capacity is 20 million testing probes. In the future, with the production of the new base, the production capacity will be further improved.

Mainly used for semiconductor wafer testing, chip packaging testing. With extremely low contact resistance and ultra-high bandwidth, it can meet the test probe requirements of 5 to 40GHZ RF.

Semiconductor high-frequency test probe

Used for BGA packaging, LGA packaging, QFP packaging, SOP packaging, QFN packaging, testing probe.

Double-ended test probe

Mainly fixed on PCB board, and ICT online test probe for supporting use. It is convenient for customers to replace the test probe more conveniently.

ICT online test probe sleeve

Also known as ICT/FCT test probe, mainly used for online circuit testing and functional testing. It is a kind of probe which can detect the electrical performance and circuit network connection of on-line components on the fabricated board. It can quantitatively measure the line selection of components and carry out functional test. It is a kind of probe which is widely used at present.

ICT online test probe

Mainly used for PCB board test, through the circuit and the resistance between the line to determine whether the circuit board is open, short circuit defect.

Interface through test probe

Mainly used for PCB board test. Strong versatility, wide universality, through the line and the resistance or capacitance between the line to judge the line conduction and other defects.

Common PCB spring test probe

The probe is used to test the function of automobile batteries, and is also used to test the voltage and current of power batteries.

Automotive battery high current probe

The probe is connected to the harness and is used to check the function of the automobile electronic circuit.

Automotive electronic wiring harness probe

Also known as Pogo Pin, it is mainly used for DC power supply for long-term pressing charging of electronic products. It is used for charging smart watches, earphones and so on.

Consumer electronics charging probe

It is mainly used to measure the signal transmission of router. The frequency is usually between 2.1-5.8GHZ.

Signal transmission RF probe

Mainly used for testing fixture, test rack. It has the function of positioning. Prevent PCB board and probe from being damaged by overpressure.

Fixture locator probe

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