The products are mainly used in the testing of various electronic and peripheral products such as: semiconductor components, CPU chips, PCB circuit boards, LCD screens, Camera cameras, IOT, Internet of Things cars, and other peripheral electronic products.

What are test probes used for?



Test pins, also known as test probes in the industry, are divided into pogo pins (special pins) and general-purpose pins when used for PCB board testing. Under normal circumstances, a mold can only test one kind of PCB board; when the general-purpose needle is used, it only needs to have enough points, so many manufacturers are using the general-purpose needle; pogo pins are divided into PCB board probes according to the usage Needle, ICT probe, BGA probe, PCB board probe is mainly used for PCB board test, ICT probe is mainly used for online test after plug-in, BGA probe is mainly used for BGA package test and chip test.

At present, the main foreign test probe suppliers are: ECT in the United States, INGUN in Germany, QA in the United States, etc. Among them, the double-headed probe of ECT is the most cost-effective;

1. Phase analysis, composition analysis and identification of inclusion morphology and composition of metallic materials.

2. Identification of gold and silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry, archaeological and cultural relic identification, and criminal investigation identification and other fields.

3. Analysis of inorganic or organic solid materials such as polymers, ceramics, concrete, biology, minerals, fibers, etc.

4. It can analyze the surface coating and coating of solid materials, such as the detection of metallized film surface coating.

5. Carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis of the micro-area composition on the material surface, and analyze the surface, line and point distribution of elements on the material surface.

Use can be divided into:

A. Optical circuit board test probe: circuit board test before components are not installed and only open circuit and short circuit detection probes. Most domestic probe products can replace imported products;

B. Online test probe: the detection probe after the components are installed on the PCB circuit board; the core technology of excellent products is still in the hands of foreign companies, and some domestic probe products have been successfully developed, which can replace imported probe products;

C. Microelectronics test probes: wafer testing or chip IC testing probes, the core technology is still in the hands of foreign companies, and domestic manufacturers actively participate in research and development, but currently only a small number of manufacturers such as Jingcetong Electronics have successfully produced them.