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The first Taiyi mobile game agency "King of Glory" competition ended perfectly



​Taiyi Group has always adhered to advancing with the times since its establishment, and its corporate culture construction activities have always been in line with the cultural trend of the times. In order to enrich the cultural life of employees and enhance the teamwork ability among employees, Taiyi Group held the first King of Glory Competition in line with the concept of promoting the enterprise with culture.

The whole process of the game was broadcast live simultaneously with the King of Glory software. There were many onlookers, and the atmosphere of the game was very intense. The urgent and orderly tactical arrangements and the sound of situation reports in the game room made people even more nervous and excited.

It can be seen that everyone is taking this game very seriously. The five people and the captain make reasonable tactical analysis and personnel role arrangements, and formulate coping strategies according to the rapid changes in the battlefield situation. Just like our work, we must constantly. Make adjustments to improve and ultimately win.

After a series of exciting duels, the final winning teams are:

Champion: Guangyao Team Runner-up: Bastard Team Third Runner-up: Lonely Room

This competition enriched the amateur cultural life of the small partners, and also strengthened the competitive thinking ability, communication and coordination ability and teamwork spirit.

In the future, Taiyi Group will continue to pay attention to the corporate cultural life of its small partners from various aspects, and create ample room for growth and a good working atmosphere for everyone by holding more unique and innovative corporate activities. Enhancing mutual communication, focusing on cultivating the spirit of unity and cooperation, and maintaining the vitality of enterprise innovation are powerful guarantees to continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Adhering to the vision of "making the world's circulation pattern progress a little bit", Taiyi will continue to be a leader in the circulation industry. development contribution.