The products are mainly used in the testing of various electronic and peripheral products such as: semiconductor components, CPU chips, PCB circuit boards, LCD screens, Camera cameras, IOT, Internet of Things cars, and other peripheral electronic products.

ICT Test Probe Basics



ICT Test Probe Basics

ICT (In-Circuit Test System), commonly known as in-circuit tester in Chinese, is mainly used for the test of assembled circuit boards (PCBA). The "online" here is the literal translation of "In-Circuit", which mainly refers to the components on the line. On-line test is a test technology that does not disconnect the circuit and does not remove the component pins. "On-line" reflects ICT's detection of circuit board assembly problems by testing components on the line or the open and short state.

1. ICT has a wide range of use, high measurement accuracy, and clear indication of detected problems. It is a standard test method. Even workers with ordinary electronic skills can handle problematic PCBAs easily. The use of ICT can greatly improve production. efficiency and reduce production costs.

2. ICT Test mainly detects the open circuit, short circuit and soldering of all parts of the PCBA by contacting the test probe with the test point of the PCB layout.

It can be divided into open circuit test, short circuit test, resistance test, capacitance test, diode test, triode test, FET test, IC pin test (testjet` connect check BasicScan Bist), etc. Other general and special components are missing, Faults such as wrong installation, parameter value deviation, continuous welding of solder joints, circuit board open and short circuit, etc., and accurately tell the user which component the fault is or where the open and short circuit is located through the printer or screen display.