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Learn friends on the road of wind and rain, think about friendship in rough life!



On the road of wind and rain, I realize friends, and I think about friendship in rough life. The ancients said: It is a joy to have friends from afar. True friend, no matter how windy or rainy you come, I will pick you up. You go, there are my footprints in the ten-mile pavilion. A true friend, if you have something to do, you don't need to say hello.

When you are proud, you are invited, and when you are unhappy, you are uninvited. The friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, and the more time passes, the stronger the love becomes. A true friend is never deliberately remembered because it is never forgotten.

Real friends treat each other sincerely, happy for you in good times, share your worries in adversity, no need to greet each other every day, stand up in times of crisis, do not need any return, just the kind of person who hopes you have a better life!

They will share the burden with you. They will not be jealous that you live better than him, but will be happy and proud of you. They will always be your strongest backing. Wait, face it sincerely!

There are so many relatives in our lives. On the road of life, how many people really become friends? There are thousands of people in the world. It is not easy to meet and get acquainted. It is not easy to meet each other every time. Everything depends on fate.

It is impossible to know each other without fate, and we can only meet if we have fate. Let us cherish it. Family, friendship, if we miss it, we may miss it forever. If we meet, it may be forever. I cherish every relative and friend in my life, cherish you, to forever!

On the road of life, if you don’t experience practice, you don’t know friendship, and if you don’t experience ups and downs, you don’t realize friendship. Friendship is not the flowers on the roadside that make people remember, nor is it the beautiful grapes that make people drunk, but the white snow in winter, which is white and lovely.

The road of life will experience violent storms and difficulties, but you can't forget the nobles who gave you umbrellas, and you can't erase the friends who guide you. This is the friendship of friends in adversity. It is enough to have one person, and protect and be grateful for life!

Friendship is the most precious in life's ups and downs. It is only after experiencing ups and downs in life that you can see true friendship. It is the purest and noblest in the world!