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Wind and rain on the road to understand friends, rough life think friendship!



Wind and rain on the road to understand friends, rough life think friendship. The ancients said: It is a pleasure to have friends coming from afar. True friends, you come no matter how strong the wind, how heavy the rain, I will pick you up. You go, ten miles long pavilion has my footprints. A true friend, you have something, don't say hello, listen to the sound, to find the sound.


When you are proud, invited to come, when you are frustrated, uninvited. The friendship of a gentleman is as light as water, and the longer the years, the stronger the feeling. True friends, never deliberately think of, it is because never forget.


True friends treat each other sincerely, happy for you when you are in good times, share your worries for you when you are in adversity, no need to greet every day, come forward when in crisis, do not need any return, is the kind of person who hopes you have a better life!


They will share with you, will not envy you better than him, but feel happy and proud of you, they are always your most strong backing, care for you, take care of you, support you, may each of us can treat each other with heart, sincere face!


In our lives, there are only so many relatives. On the road of life, there are a few people who really become friends, the vast world, the vast sea of people, meet, and know each other, it is not easy, every time to meet, and more is not easy, everything is determined by karma.


No impossible acquaintance, fate to get together, let us cherish it, family, friendship, miss perhaps forever missed, in the encounter may be forever, I cherish every family friend in my life, cherish you, forever!


Do not know friendship without experience on the road of life, do not experience setbacks do not realize friendship. Friendship is not the roadside flowers, so that people remember, nor is it grape beauty, so that people drunk, but the winter snow, white and lovely.


The road of life will experience wind and rain, will also experience difficult road, but can not forget to send their umbrella to the noble, more can not erase for you to guide the friends, this is the friendship of friends in adversity, meet all kinds of people, can get a person is enough, and lifelong protection and gratitude!


Wind and rain of life, friendship is the most precious, experienced the wind, frost, rain and snow of life to see the true friendship, that is the world's most pure, the most noble!